ODSA's Technical SSS Grant Reading Workshop

Hello TRIO NM!

ODSA is hosting a 1 day Technical SSS Grant Reading Workshop and there are still slots available. Cost for attendance is $100. If you are interested in participating, please visit the links below: 




For Questions, please feel free to contact

Donovan Kelso


Upward Bound

Science Building, Room 110

O: 405-945-3243 | F: 405-945-8628


TRIO New Mexico Pre-Collegiate 

Scholarship Winners

This year, TRIO New Mexico had a great pool of applicants for the pre-collegiate scholarship competitions. The applications were tailored to meet the needs of our diverse student populations, and our non-traditional students were just as competitive as our high school students.  There were 9 applicants for the EOC & VUB  competition and 11 applicants for ETS & UB competition.  The scholarship committee worked diligently to get the scholarships read and scored.  

The scholarship committee is happy to announce that they awarded 3 scholarship to students from the EOC & VUB competition and 3 scholarships to students from the ETS & UB competition.

Congratulations to the following applicants: 

1. Berenise Rivera, NMT UBMS (100%)  - $350 Javier Alcantar Scholarship

2. David Amendariz, UNM UB (93.1%) - $250 TRIO NM Scholarship

3. Eric Olaguir, UNM UB (87.5%) -$250 TRIO NM Scholarship

4. Haley Whitaker, UNM EOC (82.5%) - $250 TRIO NM Scholarship

5. DeAngelo Montoya, UNM EOC (80.6%) -$250 TRIO NM Scholarship

6. Anthony Perez, UNM EOC (77.4%) -  $185 TRIO NM Scholarship

Thank you for your support

TRIO New Mexico would like to thank the following sponsors for helping us provide additional scholarship for the 2018 competition.

We would also like to thank the TRIO New Mexico members who supported the scholarship committee and purchased t-shirts. 

Thanks to all of the money raised we were able to increase the number of scholarships from 5 to 6 for Pre-collegiate and from 5 to 9 for collegiate.

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