TRIO New Mexico Programs

Educational Opportunity Centers

Institution Contact
 Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell 575-624-7202
 University of New Mexico - Albuquerque 505-277-2203

Talent Search (Mid-High School)

 Institution  Contact
 Eastern New Mexico University - Portales 575-562-2447
 Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell 575-624-7202

Upward Bound (High School)

 Institution Contact
 University of New Mexico - Albuquerque 505-277-0096
 Clovis Community College 575-769-4350 ext. 1206
 Eastern New Mexico University - Portales 575-562-2452
Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell 575-624-7205
 LULAC National Educational Service Center 505-243-3787
 New Mexico State University 575-646-5732
 Northern New Mexico College 505-747-5060
 University of New Mexico - Gallup 505-863-7508
 University of New Mexico - Valencia 505-925-8863

Student Support Services

 Institution Contact
Central New Mexico Community College - Albuquerque Main Campus505-224-4375
Central New Mexico Community College - Albuquerque Montoya Campus505-224-4375
Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell575-624-7117
Eastern New Mexico University - Portales575-562-2226
New Mexico State University575-646-1336
Clovis Community College575-769-4772
New Mexico Junior College575-492-2615
Northern New Mexico College505-747-5407
San Juan Community College505-566-3147
Santa Fe Community College505-428-1364
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque505-277-3230
University of New Mexico - Taos575-737-3776
University of New Mexico - Gallup505-863-7508

McNair Post-baccalaureate (University)
 Institution Contact
 University of New Mexico 505-277-3098

Upward Bound Math/Science (High School)

 Institution Contact
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Albuquerque505-274-4065
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Socorro505-274-4065
University of New Mexico - Taos575-737-3725

Veterans Upward Bound (College/University)

 Institution Contact
University of New Mexico - Taos575-737-3725

Student Support Services STEM (College/University)

 Institution Contact
New Mexico State University575-646-2452
San Juan Community College505-566-3170

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