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2023 - 2024 TRIO New Mexico Emerging Leaders Institute

TRIO New Mexico is excited to announce that it will be offering a state level Emerging Leaders Institute. TRIO New Mexico ELI class will kick off as part of the 2023 TRIO New Mexico Spring Conference on April 12, 2023 as a Pre-Conference Event.


The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Institute is to identify, train and mentor TRIO New Mexico members for leadership roles within the Association. The roles include committee service as members and/or committee chairs as well as preparation to hold office at the state, regional and national levels. TRIO NM ELI also strives to provide to its membership leadership development on a professional and personal level.


1. Participants who successfully complete the program will possess a greater understanding of TRIO New Mexico and its objectives, organization structure, and procedures.
2. Participants will become more motivated and committed to their profession, the Association and the clientele who benefit from the Association. 
3. Participants will provide innovative ideas and objectives for the Association and serve as mentors for new members within the Association.
4. Participants who successfully complete the program may be given priority consideration when applying to the SWASAP ELI program and selected by the TRIO NM President.

Training topics include, but are not limited to TRIO leadership development, styles and skills, presentation styles and skills, networking within the TRIO community, TRIO NM committee service, TNM state initiatives, Roberts Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure, TRIO NM By-Laws, TRIO NM fiscal management, the history of TRIO programs and the TRIO NM association, overview of the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE), Fair Share, and the Walter O. Mason Foundation.

In order to graduate from ELI, each participant is required to attend ALL training sessions and activities unless an emergency (i.e., illness, weather, funeral, etc.) prevents attendance. Actively hold a position within the state or regional associations (i.e., committee chairperson, committee member, board member, etc.). Complete an approved ELI project at the completion of the training program. Additional requirements may be determined and implemented by the ELI trainer. In the event of an emergency, a written explanation of absence will be requested.

2023 TRIO New Mexico ELI Application

Application Deadline is March 6, 2023. 

Click link  HERE to access and complete the 2023 TRIO New Mexico ELI Application.

You will be required to submit a resume and letter of support from your supervisor as well as the ELI application in order to participate in this year long process. PLEASE EMAIL THE ELI CO-CHAIR KELLYANN WEBER ( WITH YOUR PROFESSIONAL RESUME AND YOUR LETTER OF SUPPORT FROM YOUR IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR

NOTE: A participant fee of $150.00 has been established for the 2023 TRIO New Mexico ELI Pre-Conference event. 

Click link TBA:   to register for the 2023 TNM Pre-conference event: Developing Emerging Leaders. 

2023 TRIO New Mexico ELI Focus &

Event Agenda

  • ELI will receive training in TRIO history, leadership development, and team building related to college access and success.
  • ELI will gain a deeper understanding of all the organizational aspects of TRIO New Mexico and will develop leadership and team-building capacities.
  • ELI will be assigned to a TRIO New Mexico committee for engagement throughout the year.
  • ELI will focus on advocacy and institutional engagement/growth.
  • ELI will engage and work on an assigned project that will enhance the programs/institutions/state association. 

Click link TBA:   to access the agenda for the 2023 TNM ELI Pre-Conference workshop 

Click link TBA:  to access the agenda for the 2023-2024 TNM ELI training overview    

    2023-2024 TRIO New Mexico ELI Required Dates of Participation

 April 12, 2023       TRIO NM ELI Part I           Albuquerque       (2023 TRIO NM Spring Pre-Conference) 9am -1pm

 July 2023              TRIO NM ELI Part II          Online Format 

 October 2023      TRIO NM ELI Part III        Online Format

 April 2024             TRIO NM ELI Part IV        Location TBD            (2024 TRIO NM Spring Conference)

Contact Information

 For questions, please contact the appropriate persons as listed below:

Kellyann Weber, TRIO NM ELI Committee Member  Email:  Phone: (575) 769-4791

Kimimila Simms, TRIO NM ELI Committee Member Email:  Phone: (505) 863-7751

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