2021-2022 TRIO New Mexico Emerging Leaders Institute

TRIO New Mexico is excited to announce that it will be offering a state level Emerging Leaders Institute. TRIO New Mexico ELI class will kick off as part of the 2021 TRIO New Mexico Spring Virtual Conference on April  7, 2021 as a Pre-Conference Event entitled: Developing Emerging Leaders.

The Emerging Leaders Institute is a program designed to identify and prepare TRIO New Mexico professionals to assume leadership positions and assist these individuals with personal and professional growth in order to develop potential leaders and strengthen the TRIO New Mexico Association.

The TRIO New Mexico Emerging Leaders Institute is currently accepting applications/nominations for the 2021 class. Please complete the application below for consideration. Spots may be limited and application submission does not guarantee acceptance.

We encourage anyone interested in gaining valuable knowledge, training, and professional development in the area of leadership, as well as creating opportunities to develop the skills necessary to assist in the operation of the TRIO New Mexico Association to apply. This is a great way to start your journey into TRIO leadership. If you have any questions, please let us know, and we would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to participate.

2021 TRIO New Mexico ELI Application

Application Deadline is March 26, 2021. 

Click link:  2021 TRIO NEW MEXICO EMERGING LEADERS INSTITUTE APPLICATION.pdf to access and complete the 2021 TRIO New Mexico ELI Application.

You will be required to submit a resume and letter of support from your supervisor as well as the ELI application in order to participate in this year long process. All submission requirements are located in the application.

NOTE: A participant fee of $100.00 has been established for the 2021 TRIO New Mexico ELI Pre-Conference event entitled. 

Click link:  2021 TRIO NM PRE-CONFERENCE: DEVELOPING EMERGING LEADERS  to register for the 2021 TNM Pre-conference event: Developing Emerging Leaders. 

All individuals will be informed of their application status no later than March 26, 2021

2021 TRIO New Mexico ELI Focus &

Event Agenda

  • ELI will receive training in TRIO history, leadership development, and team building related to college access and success.
  • ELI will gain a deeper understanding of all the organizational aspects of TRIO New Mexico and will develop leadership and team-building capacities.
  • ELI will be assigned to a TRIO New Mexico committee for engagement throughout the year.
  • ELI will focus on advocacy and institutional engagement/growth.
  • ELI will engage and work on an assigned project that will enhance the programs/institutions/state association. 

Click link: 2021 TNM SPRING PRE-CONFERENCE AGENDA.pdf  to access the agenda for the 2021 TNM ELI Pre-Conference workshop 

Click link: 2021 TNM ELI TRAINING OVERVIEW.pdf to access the agenda for the 2021-2022 TNM ELI training overview    

    2021-2022 TRIO New Mexico ELI Required Dates of Participation

 April 7, 2021        TRIO NM ELI Part I           Online Format       (2021 TRIO NM Spring Pre-Conference)

 July 2021              TRIO NM ELI Part II          Online Format 

 October 2021      TRIO NM ELI Part III        Online Format

 April 2022             TRIO NM ELI Part IV        Location TBD            (2022 TRIO NM Spring Conference)

Contact Information

 For questions, please contact the appropriate persons as listed below:

Kimimila Simms, TRIO NM ELI Committee Member  Email: ksimms@unm.edu  Phone: (505) 863-7654

Dawn Blue Sky-Hill, TRIO NM ELI Committee Member Email: dbluesky@unm.edu  Phone: (505) 277-3230

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