Hospitality and Tourism

The Spring Conference Hospitality and Tourism subcommittee invite you to join us to the events listed in the flyer.

If you are interested in completing an escape room, we have two rooms available; both rooms will start at 8:15 p.m. Each game is limited to ten seats, so we encourage people to sign up early.  Each participant must register prior to noon Thursday by clicking the link to the game they choose, filling out their name, email and credit card information and receiving an immediate confirmation email. Should people need assistance registering, they may call 575-323-2112.

The following links (embedded within the game titles) are to the following games:

The Heist - 5/10 Challenge Level - Good for those new to escape rooms - Slightly physical without requiring strength - Mission: Defeat a super-sophisticated vault as a hired jewel thief.

Ariana's Wedding - (6 or 8)/10 Challenge Level (Determined by group before start of play) - Faster pace of play involving more complex and abstract challenges - Mission: Follow a trail of clues to discover the whereabouts of an heiress.

Thank you again - we look forward to your joining us.

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